Xperia Studio

The Neutrogena® Naturals Green Server is the result of a simple insight: Shouldn't a product that gets its power from nature have a Website that does the same?


Conventional servers powering the world's 13 billion known Websites can leave vast carbon footprints across the planet. So, for a product line that strives to be sustainable in everything they do, we created the first of its kind green server with its own power-plant fueled by the wind and the sun.

Twelve solar panels and a 50 foot high windmill together charge an array of batteries that can keep the server going 24/7. On the Neutrogena Naturals Websites, the visitors can see the server in action by watching live webcams, and view real time data from the server.

How it works

The 50 ft. windmill and 12 solar panels power a stack of high capacity batteries through a DC/AC converter that is housed inside the server structure.

The batteries in turn power a switch and other equipment needed to connect to the Internet. The Website is hosted on an eco-server from Hewlett-Packard that uses one-third of the electricity a normal server does.

Making it happen

During the course of a whole year we planned to make this project come to life. The challenges in getting permits, finding a secure site and constructing the green server were more complicated than we could ever have imagined. But during the summer months of 2011 the construction took place, and finally in October, we migrated the Website over to its new home.


The DC/AC converter equipment also sends data in real time to the Website through a custom-built interface. The data is scrubbed from the stream and then displayed by the front-end code on the Website, giving the visitors real time information from what's happening at the site.

The results

By building our own power plant, we're producing about 2,300 kWh per year, which is enough to power the Empire State Building for 15 minutes! It's also offsetting about 4 tons of CO2 every year. It's only a small step, but it's sending a powerful message about the commitment by Neutrogena¨ Naturals to be as sustainable as they possibly can in everything that they do.